“sine-o-sure” | /ˈsaɪnəʃʊɹ/

n – (usually capitalized) Ursa Minor or Polaris, the North Star, used as a guide by navigators.


That which serves to guide or direct; a guiding star. Something that is the center of attention; an object that serves as a focal point of attraction and admiration.

“Let faith be your cynosure to walk by.”

From French cynosure (“Ursa Minor; Polaris”), from Latin Cynosūra (“Ursa Minor”), from Ancient Greek Κυνόσουρα (Kunósoura, “Ursa Minor”), literally “dog’s tail’, from κυνός (kunós, “dog’s”) + οὐρά (ourá, “tail”).

3 thoughts on “cynosure

    1. “Ursa” does mean “bear”, and is Latin. The Greek name for the same constellation is “Kunósoura”, wherein “oura” means tail. The constellation we know as Ursa Minor is also the Little Dipper, which has also been thought of as a dog in older/other cultures such as Greek.

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