“in-ex-or-ah-blee” | /ɪˈnɛk.səɹ.ə.bli/

adv – In an inexorable manner; without the possibility of stopping or prevention.

“We watched as the storm clouds advanced inexorably closer to us.”


From Middle French inexorable, from Latin inexōrābilis (“relentless, inexorable”) (or directly from the Latin word), from in- (prefix meaning ‘not’) + exōrābilis (“that may be moved or persuaded by entreaty; exorable”).[1] Exōrābilis is derived from exōrāre[2] (from exōrō (“to persuade, win over; to beg, entreat, plead”), from ex- (prefix meaning ‘out of’) + ōrō (“to beg, entreat, plead, pray; to deliver a speech, orate”), from ōs (“mouth”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₃éh₁os (“mouth”)) + -bilis (suffix forming adjectives indicating a capacity or worth of being acted upon).

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