Mal-fee-sens | /ˌmælˈfiːsəns/

n – Misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official and causing damage.

“Reporters have long been the last bastion against tyranny, wrongdoing and malfeasance.”

From Old French malfaisance, derived from malfaire, maufaire (“to do evil”), from Latin malefaciō (“I do evil”), from male (“evilly”) + faciō (“do, make”).

One thought on “malfeasance

  1. At law. there are three levels of civil, as contrasted with criminal, behavior: malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance. Malfeasance is done by an individual with a wrongful intent, not necessarily evil. Misfeasance is done by an individual with no wrongful intent. Non-feasance is done by an individual with no intent, wrongful or otherwise. See Black’s Law Dictionary.

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