/nɪəˈvɑːnə/ or “nerve-ah-nah”

noun – (Buddhism) Complete cessation of suffering; a blissful state attained through realization of sunyata; enlightened experience OR (non-Buddhist colloquial usage) State of paradise; heightened or great pleasure.

“Once he can free my heart of hate and distraction, he will be able to attain nirvana.”
“Nirvana means freedom from both suffering and rebirth.”
“Every time I see her, I feel as if I’ve reached Nirvana!”


/ˌpaɪ.ɹə.ˈtɛk.nəks/ or ‘pie-row-tek-nix’

n – The art and technology of fireworks and related military applications, A display of fireworks, (figuratively) An impressive display.

“Everyone at A Word A Day hopes you enjoy the pyrotechnics of the fourth! However if you prefer silence, we hope you get the peace of mind you’re looking for!”