/vɪˈtuːpɚətɪv/ | (Formed from Latin vituperātiō (“a blaming, censuring”))

adj – Marked by harsh spoken or written abuse; invective; scolding; abusive

“We cannot be friends if you continue to attack me with vituperative words.”


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n – A quirk, idiosyncrasy, or mannerism; unusual habit or way (usage is typically plural), that is slightly strange or silly. A weakness or failing of character.

“Try to look past his foibles and see the friendly fellow underneath.”

(fencing) Part of a sword between the middle and the point, weaker than the forte.



v – To make dark; overshadow, To deliberately make more confusing in order to conceal the truth.

“Before leaving the scene, the murderer set a fire to obfuscate any evidence of his or her identity.”

v – (computing) To alter code while preserving its behavior but concealing its structure and intent.

“We need to obfuscate these classes before we ship the final release.”